noun:  the female sex or gender

adjective:  having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness

What do you think of when you say feminine?  Is it the ‘noun’ meaning to you or do you tend to think more of the adjective associating feminine with delicacy, prettiness, and lace? For me feminine is both of those but I’ve also come to associate it with weakness.  Mostly because, like most of us, the impressions of my youth have stuck with me.  

My step-mom was all about being feminine.  Ladylike.  Wear a dress. Curl your hair.  Be needy.  Weak.  Yes, unfortunately, for a long time my strongest association being feminine is weakness. 

But it’s not true. Being feminine is not being weak. There are so many women that prove that!  And we as women are stepping into our feminine power more and more. Strong women doing powerful things. 

This is more than outward appearance. It’s about embracing you.  Who you are.  And showing up in the world that way.  Growing up I wasted so many hours of frustration curling my hair trying to please (shut up) my step mom and fit her definition of feminine. Those hours were thrown out the window.  My hair was too heavy and straight to hold a curl. Isn’t it easier, and honestly better, to just be who you are?  Show up in the world unapologetically embracing who you are?  Wear what your heels, or sneaker, or flip-flops. Dresses or pants or shorts. Designer or Walmart.  

When this happens you are the strongest you.  Surrender to the power of being a woman.  It’s what we naturally do. Think of all the times that you have been there for your best friend when she had a crisis or a celebration…and all the times she’s been there for you.  We are three for each other.  We experience and witness life together.  Kids, birthdays, sickness, divorce, new jobs, vacations, new homes. Life. We laugh and cry and are there for each other.  We are strong. We live through it all…together.