It’s true…

My dog trained my husband to let her out. Every night she sits by the door, waiting to be let outside. This happens over and over..all night long. She comes in, and five minutes later she wants to go out. My husband will tell her, “No, you’re not going out”.

What does the dog hear and understand? The words “going out”. Especially the word “out”. So she thinks, “yes, out, that’s what I want. And look, I’m being good and sitting right here by the door. The door to go OUT”.  Inevitably, my husband will give in and let her out. He’s so well trained!

What would work better? If he told her what he DOES want her to do instead of what he DOESN’T want her to do. Something like, “go lie down”. Dogs don’t differentiate between the negative and the positive. They just pick up the key words.

This works the same with the universe. When you say something like, “I don’t want to get sick”, your brain and vibration is on the key word ‘sick’. And you will find yourself sick. If you say, “I’m broke”, you guessed it….

The way to really get the positive things that you want is to say (and think) what you DO want. Keep it positive.  This is a higher vibration and a quicker way to manifest the good things and experiences in your life.

Go ahead then, ask for what you want! 

And let me know when you get it.