HEY! Watch your language!

How many time have you heard that?

I’m not your mom…and I don’t mean it the way she did…



Watch your language! 

Do you hear how you talk to yourself? About yourself? About your life? 

Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. In this case it actually is what you say. Do you ever look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re fat? Do you tell your friends you can’t afford things? Or that you can’t do things? Do you find yourself complaining about how much your body aches? Ever catch yourself with this one…I’m a mess!

All these words make a difference. They make a difference in your energy and your vibration AND what your are attracting in your life. Using all these negative words brings in all the negative things and keeps you stuck!

By paying attention to your words and changing the negative ones to positive, you will not only change how you feel (try it…it works very quickly) but will jump start your creation of more happiness.   

Here are some words to try:

happy, successful, peaceful, inspired, good, great & healthy.

And a few phrases:

I am beautiful!

I feel good!

And..here’s a big one…

I love myself!